Cast and Crew

Cast and Crew

Created by

Chris Fitzgerald & Brandon Hutchinson

Executive Producer

Brandon Hutchinson


Tony Woo Joun

Associate Producer

Araminta Pardoe

Director of Photography

Patrick Churvis

Written By

Brandon Hutchinson, Chris Fitzgerald

Directed By

Chris Fitzgerald


Chanrick 'The King' Lawler


Jordan Borges as Howard

Kevin Bohleber as Todd

Elizabeth Grullon as Loosie

Additional Cast

Andres Alfonso as Mark/Roommate #1

Shawn Law as Roommate #2

Amy Lloyd as Librarian

Jason Roberts as Mitchell/Roommate #3

Jared Ewing as Random Friend #1

Alexander Laurent as Random Friend #4

Additional Production Support

Josh Solar-Doherty

Jeff Cline

Tori Aston

Joanne Lammers

Eva Flamm

Erika Stewart-HMUA

Shawn Law

Special Thanks

Lining Zhu

Dana Fitzgerald

Aja Tanghal

Flora Cordic

Margarita Gomez

Michael Mayer

Steve Doyle