Howard Hantz

Born in St. Louis and moved to Los Angeles to write serious screenplays about serious things on his serious collection of typewriters.  Currently a freelance punch-up writer working for a number of small clients while pounding out scripts for submission. Fastidious and structured, Howard enjoys whiskey, hummous, and probably has an undiagnosed form of Asperger's.

Todd Billingsworth

Also a St. Louis native, Todd moved with his former English-tutor-turned-best-friend to become a world class DJ in the city of Angels.  He drives sporadically for Uber while DJ'ing high profile furniture store openings, birthday parties, and Health Goth night at The Arsenal.  An optimist at heart, he's convinced that in order to succeed you just need to convince yourself.


The yoga-taking, multi-language speaking, smart, funny, free spirited and socially-conscious heroine and way-out-of-their-league shared crush of Howard and Todd.  She may or may not be the girlfriend of Roommate #3, but either way, the boys don't care.  Loosie knows a lot about celebrities and eventually becomes the third and final voice in creating the master list.  

Jake D. Wallace

Howard and Todd's roommate. He's rarely in town. And by "rarely" we mean, never. From points unknown he sublets his room to the finest that Los Angeles has to offer.