"The best webseries I've ever seen, today." -- Your Roommate

"...that Howard guy is pretty cute." --Your Mom

"Who do I talk to about being in Season 2?" --Leo DiCaprio

"Way better than both Nymphomanics."  --Lars Von Trier

In a world jam packed with dancing cats and makeup tutorials, we are srsly grateful you took the time to watch Howard and Todd!

Show Synopsis

Roommates Howard and Todd realize one day that despite living in Los Angeles, neither one of them knows a famous person.  Between a continuous cast of strange housemates, Uber trips, grocery shopping, and a certain yoga-practicing mutual love interest, they devise a plan to meet and befriend a celebrity.

Release Schedule

Episode 1, The List-July 5

Episode 2 July 12

Episode 3 July 19

Episode 4 July 26

Episode 5 August 2

Episode 6 August 9

Season 2!

We wrote Season Two in a caffeine fueled froth. Once the first season is released and the budget is in place, we’ll kick into pre-production IMMEDIATELY. Look out for opportunity to help crowdfund this baby.  If you want to get on our mailing list, click here. We promise not to bother you too much.  If you want help us out, share this series with your network!

About the Creators

Brandon Hutchinson is this guy who is a damn genius with a full beard that grows in thick and black with none of those patchy spots in it.

Chris Fitzgerald doesn't collect anything.  He strives at minimalism which is not to be confused with that whole Tiny House craze which has been spawned from the hellmouth that is Pinterest.

We have been friends and writing partners for many years.  After making short films and podcasting for a couple years, we decided to test our skills (and our friendship) and embark on this webseries which has turned into an amazing adventure.  The whole thing was funded by us, which is really to say that no one was paid what they were worth, some people weren't paid at all, and the catering was mostly popcorn from Trader Joe's.  That being said, we can't be appreciative enough to the actors and crew who believed in this project and worked harder than we ever would have expected.